Referral & Admission

We treat patients according to traditional medical guidelines and with complementary medical methods recognized by the federal government. In doing so, we also integrate findings from our own research.

The treatment spectrum includes all psychiatric conditions such as tinnitus, depression, burnout & exhaustion, schizophrenia, anxiety & panic, personality disorder and pain.

We first treat people in acute, suicidal life situations in the emergency ward of the clinic Waldhaus in Chur.



If you are a treatment partner, you can contact us at any time - we will be happy to exchange information with you.

It is important to us that we work together on the same treatment goals with your patient. We know that you provide good primary psychiatric care and are one of the patient's most valuable resources. Together with our interdisciplinary team, we relieve you with professional special and intensive care of your referred patient.

We accept your referral by mail to A referral certificate is preferable.


«The private clinic is surrounded by nature with a magnificent alpine backdrop. Our patients relax in a bright, calm and harmonious atmosphere.»
Dr. med. Enrico Frigg, Chief Physician

The treatment program is put together for each patient according to his or her individual therapeutic needs. Our therapy is goal-oriented, strengthens the patient's resources and activates the self-healing powers.


Communication during treatment

A regular exchange with you is important to us. With inpatient treatments, we will contact you by phone to discuss your patient's recovery. In the case of specific incidents or discontinuation of the therapy, you will be informed immediately.


Coverage of costs

MENTALVA accepts patients with basic insurance plus private or semi-private insurance, as well as foreign self-payers.

In the supplementary insurance sector, depending on the health insurance, certain illnesses are excluded, or the assumption of costs is limited in time. The cost-sharing depends on the insurance contract. We recommend that you check the covered benefits and the cost-sharing with the respective health insurance.

Our customer administration will apply for treatment coverage from the health insurance company and the patient's canton of residence upon entry.

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