Discharge & Aftercare

We attach great importance to good information about the disease and treatment, and we include the environment. The patient is part of the target planning process and treatment planning. The discharge date is determined together with the patient and our attending physician.


We organise appointments with you as aftercare physician or psychotherapist in good time before the patient leaves the clinic.

We will send you a short discharge report directly on the day of departure. The prescription and a work certificate are available for the patient on the day of departure.

We will provide you with a detailed summary of the medical history within 15 working days.

«For us, the focus is on people with their fears, worries and hopes. Our holistic treatment methods bring soul, mind and body into balance.»
Dr. med. Suzanne von Blumenthal, Attending Physician



Occasionally, we perform psychiatric, outpatient follow-up care for patients in order to further deepen what has been learned during inpatient treatment.

Together with the Spitex organisations in Grisons and Glarus, we offer an outpatient psychiatric spitex.


Exchange & Survey

In exchange with you as a treatment partner, we discuss our treatment practice and take on your needs for optimal cooperation.

We may send you a treatment partner survey with the request to assess us in the context of quality assurance.

An external institute evaluates these answers in order to optimise in the joint collaboration.


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