Visiting times & arrival

Visiting hours & meals

Visitors are welcome every day between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. The visits must be coordinated with the patient's weekly schedule and appointments. For therapeutic reasons, the visiting time may be limited or extended – discuss your visits with the nurses in advance.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are available at the La Plazza restaurant at clinic Beverin. If you are interested, please contact the hotel staff one day in advance. Relatives pay for meals directly at the restaurant. There are no additional costs for patients.

In order to protect the privacy of fellow patients, it is not possible to have dinner together with a visit to the dining room of the MENTALVA.

If you need overnight accommodation, we will be happy to assist you.

«The emotional burden is often high, that’s why we provide relatives with offers that are tailored to their problems.»
Roderick Janssens, Ward Manager


You can reach the MENTALVA by car via the A13 motorway from the directions Chur and Thusis. Use the exit Rothenbrunnen / No. 20 and take the main road towards Cazis to the junction clinic Beverin. Signposted parking spaces are available for visitors in the clinic area. Parking is subject to a fee.

The Rhaetian Railway will take you to the MENTALVA from Chur or Thusis. Use the Rodels-Realta stop. MENTALVA is a few minutes' walk from Rodels-Realta train station.

From Thusis and Rhäzüns, the MENTALVA can be reached by post bus. Use the Stop Cazis, junction clinic Beverin.

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