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Private clinic for tinnitus

Tinnitus refers to all types of ear or head noise. The pathological hypersensitivity to noise is called hyperacusis. Audible noises are perceived as too loud and uncomfortable, or even painful at relatively moderate intensity. 30-40% of those affected by tinnitus also suffer from hyperacusis.

Each tinnitus requires a medical examination. Rarely is tinnitus a symptom of an organic disease of the central hearing pathway.

Decompensated tinnitus is a psychosomatic disease, as mental illnesses and physical problems accompany social impairments.

Symptoms of tinnitus

  • Occurrence of sleep disturbances
  • Exhaustion
  • Nervousness and inner restlessness
  • Fears about the personal and professional future
  • Irritability and emotional lability
  • Sadness and concerns
  • Suicidal thoughts


Possible causes

  • Stress
  • Hearing impairment
  • Problems with the cervical spine
  • Problems with the tooth-jaw area
  • Internal diseases such as hypertension, diabetes mellitus or lipometabolic disorders
  • Listening to overly loud music

«We assume that about 10 percent of the population are aware of tinnitus phenomena, 4 to 5 percent have ear noises all the time, 1 percent of the population is severely affected by tinnitus.»
Dr. med. Rahul Gupta, Chief Physician Special Psychiatry

Help with your tinnitus

Successful treatment is only possible with a multimodal therapy approach. In addition to a detailed medical ENT-examination and consultation, various psychotherapeutic, physiotherapeutic and, if necessary, also drug treatment approaches are used.


To find a more favourable, at best, sensible and creative approach to the symptoms, a subjective concept of illness is first developed. The concept allows the understanding of emotional and physical connections and reduces the feeling of one's own helplessness towards these symptoms. Experience of self-efficacy and self-care play a central role here.


Treatment & Therapies

Your tinnitus treatment and therapy in our private clinic for tinnitus treatments in Grisons are based on the jointly developed treatment plan and include a selection from the following selection.

Integrated psychiatric psychotherapeutic treatment
Activity and sports
Art therapeutic methods
Traditional chinese medicine
Complementary therapies


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