Self-test burnout at the private clinic MENTALVA in Grisons

Burnout & Exhaustion

Selftest Burnout

The following self-test examines symptoms of depression / burnout. It is based on the Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HAMD). However, this is not a test that can replace a diagnostic examination. A reliable diagnosis can only be made after a medical or psychological examination.

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Question 1

Have you felt hopeless and sad in the last few days (depressive moods)?

Question 2

Have you criticised yourself in the past week because you thought you had done something wrong (feelings of guilt)?

Question 3

Did you think last week that it would be better not to be alive (suicidal thoughts)?

Question 4

Have you been awake in bed for a long time in the evening in the past week, or did you wake up in the morning before the alarm of the clock (sleep disturbances)?

Question 5

Have you been tense or irritable (fear) in the past week?

Question 6

Have you felt joy at work lately (job satisfaction)?

Question 7

Have you thought a lot about your physical health or the functions of your body (hypochondria) in the past week?

Question 8

Did you have to force yourself to eat last week?


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