Self-test borderline at the private clinic MENTALVA in Grisons

Personality Disorder

Selftest Borderline

The following self-test examines borderline symptoms. It is based on the criteria of the DSM-IV. However, this is not a test that can replace a diagnostic examination. A reliable diagnosis can only take place after a medical or psychological examination.

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Question 1

Are you often desperate to avoid actual or even suspected abandonment?

Question 2

Are your relationships unstable and characterized by a rapid change of idealization and devaluation or love and hatred?

Question 3

Is your self-image or self-perception significantly unstable?

Question 4

Do you often experience impulsive or self-harming episodes (spending money, sexuality, drugs, alcohol, driving too fast, eating)?

Question 5

Have you hurt yourself? Were there any suicidal acts or suicidal comments?

Question 6

Do you suffer from pronounced mood swings or affective instability (e.g. irritability, anxiety, bad mood, whereby these upsets usually last only for a short time)?

Question 7

Do you often feel empty inside?

Question 8

Did you have any problems with inappropriate anger, or difficulty to control your anger (rage, constant anger, or physical confrontations)?

Question 9

Have you experienced temporary, stress-related suspicious-paranoid delusions or a loss of reality?


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