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Private clinic for schizophrenia

About one percent of the world's population suffers from schizophrenia. It is a disease that usually begins in early adulthood and, if left untreated, often has far-reaching consequences in different areas of life.

Today’s Medicine assumes that a genetic, developmental disorder of the brain is involved in the cause. It is vital that the disease is detected and treated at an early stage in order to ensure social participation.

Symptoms of schizophrenia

Most often, it is a phasic occurring disease. This means that there are phases with clear symptoms of the disease and phases in which the disease is less pronounced.

Non-specific symptoms such as concentration disorders or mood disorders can prevail in the more stable phases. In acute phases, delusional experiences, hallucinations and significant disturbances of the thought processes occur.

«The faster specialist help is sought for schizophrenic symptoms, the more effective are the individually prescribed therapies and the greater the chances of a full recovery from schizophrenia.»
Dr. med. Enrico Frigg Senior Physician / Deputy Chief Physician

Help with schizophrenia

In addition to the drug treatment, the information for the affected person and his environment about the disease and the treatment options is of great importance. Often, there are great prejudices that make success difficult. In addition to the treatment of acute symptoms, it is crucial that relapse prevention is initiated. This is not only about the drug component, but also about lifestyle factors, dealing with stress and increasing self-efficacy.


Treatment & Therapies

Your schizophrenia treatment and therapy in our private clinic for schizophrenia treatment in Grisons are based on the jointly developed treatment plan and includes a selection from the following offers.

Integrated psychiatric psychotherapeutic treatment
Activity and sports
Art therapeutic methods
Traditional chinese medicine
Complementary therapies


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