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Personality disorder

Private clinic for personality disorders

People with personality disorders tend to perceive different situations with rigid inner patterns of experience and react to them with equally rigid behavioural patterns and feelings. There is a lack of abilities to adapt to interpersonal situations.

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Affected persons react with strongly pronounced, conspicuous and always similar behavioural patterns. These are often maladjusted, non-solution-oriented and conflict-prone. A disease perception is usually missing, and fellow human beings perceive them as complicated, impulsive or even malicious. Personality changes caused by extreme psychological stress, medical disease factors or influence of drug or alcohol consumption are to be distinguished.

Symptoms of a personality disorder

The composition and intensity of symptoms vary greatly from patient to patient. Everyday life is marked by crises, relationship conflicts, social difficulties and often self-harming behaviour. Affected people are exposed to sharp mood swings and often react impulsively. The disease usually begins in early adulthood.

Due to different constellations, there are different types and subtypes of personality disorders, such as paranoid, compulsive, narcissistic personality disorders or emotionally unstable personality disorders of the borderline type.

«Borderline patients can live well with their personality disorder, they just need to know how.»
Dr. med. Rahul Gupta, Chief Physician Special Psychiatry


Psychotherapeutic treatment is most often offered in the form of psychoanalytic or deep psychological therapy, as well as cognitive behavioural therapy.

The use of medication may be useful or necessary. This can alleviate symptoms such as anxiety, restlessness, impulsivity, mood swings or depressiveness. The level of suffering and the adverse effects on social relations are reduced and enable an orderly everyday life.


Treatment & Therapies

Your treatment and therapy in our private clinic for personality disorders in Grisons are based on the jointly developed treatment plan and includes a selection from the following offers. 

Integrated psychiatric psychotherapeutic treatment
Activity and sports
Art therapeutic methods
Traditional chinese medicine
Complementary therapies


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