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Pain & Discomfort

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Experiencing pain is an almost daily experience and vital to survival. Pain has a warning and protective function by indicating injury or imminent tissue damage. If pain persists or is recurrent for an extended period of time, then we are talking about chronic pain.

Chronic pain has lost its warning function and changed from a symptom into a disease – a so-called pain memory has developed. If those affected are physically, psychologically cognitively and socially impaired, they need psychiatric support.

Pain symptoms

The pain affects a specific part of the body or wanders through different joints or muscle groups. Sometimes, they occur everywhere and often lead to general exhaustion.

Special forms of pain are so-called tension headaches and migraines. Experts speak of chronic pain when the pain has been in place for at least three to six months.

In contrast, the acute pain, which occurs sudden, without recognizable regularity, is often triggered by an external event such as bruising, sprains, broken bones, burns or insect bites.

«Physicians usually look for physical causes first. Therefore, a pain disorder is not recognized for a long time. When patients come to our clinic, they may not understand at first how their pain is related to psychiatric treatment.»
Dr. med. Elisabeth Deubler-Schneider, Senior Physician

Help with your pain

Chronic pain leads to an activation of the vegetative nervous system. If the person concerned fears the pain as an expression of a dangerous disease, the pain will feed on this fear, which will lead to a vicious circle.

The treatment and the breaking of this vicious circle are adapted to the respective type of pain and consists of a combination of:

  • psychotherapy
  • writing of pain diaries
  • breathing therapy, craniosacral therapy, partial body and head massages
  • movement therapy and physiotherapy
  • drug therapy, including phytotherapy
  • the learning of relaxation techniques
  • mindfulness and enjoyment training
  • the training of social and emotional skills
  • expressive and activation therapy


Treatment & Therapies

Your pain treatment and therapy in our private clinic for pain disorders in Grisons are based on the jointly developed treatment plan and includes a selection from the following offers.

Integrated psychiatric psychotherapeutic treatment
Activity and sports
Art therapeutic methods
Traditional chinese medicine
Complementary therapies


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