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Burnout & Exhaustion

Private clinic for burnout

A central cause that contributes to the development of burnout is stress, which can no longer be handled. There is an imbalance between your own requirements and the tasks to be carried out within a certain timeframe.

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Key aspects of a burnout

In the case of burnout, three key aspects can usually be observed:

  • Emotional exhaustion: you feel increasingly exhausted.
  • Depersonalization: you develop negative perceptions and feelings towards entrusted customers or coworkers, which did not exist at the beginning of the corresponding professional activity.
  • Reduced personal performance: you perceive your professional competence as insufficient.



  1. Excessive ambition turns into coercion and stubbornness
  2. Increased effort to meet the self-set requirements
  3. Personal needs are set aside (less sleep, less recovery time)
  4. Suppression of conflicts
  5. Non-professional areas are becoming less important
  6. Intolerance and decreasing flexibility influence thinking and behaviour
  7. Disorientation
  8. Defensive attitude towards criticism, emotional withdrawal, lack of flexibility
  9. feeling of worthlessness, feelings of fear and taking refuge in addictive behaviour
  10. Loss of motivation, lack of interest
  11. Total exhaustion

«Anyone who learns to be careful with himself, his feelings and his needs during a burnout will find the balance between stress and non-stress, between strain and well-being.»
Dr. phil. Franco Arnold, Psychologist

Help with your burnout

The diagnosis is secured after an anamnesis consultation with a physician or psychologist and a number of psychological test examinations. In order to achieve the best therapy process, it is important that you first recognize and accept the need for treatment and reduce, or even eliminate, all stress factors.

The second step concerns relaxation and the recharge of your batteries with sport and exercise, enough sleep and a healthy diet. With the help of the various forms of therapy and treatment, you will learn to deal with your perfectionism and idealism in an acceptable manner; you will learn to say no, you will renew and maintain your social contacts, you will set realistic goals and recognize the importance of optimal time management.

Other important aspects, as well as learning relaxation techniques, are strengthening your own resources for your everyday life.


Treatment & Therapies

Your burnout treatment and therapy in our private clinic for burnout treatment in Grisons are based on the jointly developed treatment plan and include a selection from the following offers.

Integrated psychiatric psychotherapeutic treatment
Activity and sports
Art therapeutic methods
Traditional chinese medicine
Complementary therapies


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