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Fear is a complex emotion that occurs everywhere, and it does not have a pathological value from the outset. The pathology of fear is mainly found in the increased intensity and duration, as well as in the occurrence of it in a special situation. It is a very common disorder, which is also often present at the same time as other mental illnesses.

Anxiety disorder is a term for a mental illness in which there is either an exaggerated general and unclear fear, anxiety in certain social situations, panic attacks or a concrete fear (phobia) of an object or situation. Anxiety disorders often cause significant stress and impairment strains in everyday life and/or at work. 

Symptoms of anxiety and panic

In addition to anxiety as a central symptom, a number of mental and physical ailments such as dizziness, sweating, blush, speech inhibition, palpitations, nausea, tremors, the urge to urinate or pass stool, diarrhoea and soft knees can occur.

In phobias, fear is caused by clearly defined, generally harmless situations, events or objects such as looking at spiders or blood, elevators, height, blush or flying.

«If fears and panic attacks become rampant so that the quality of life is reduced, then you should get help.»
Dr. phil. Franco Arnold, Psychologist

Help with your anxiety and panic attacks

Anxiety can be stressful, obstructive and torturous, but it does not always require treatment. However, if fear occurs without a realistic threat, lasts for a long time, paralyzes, leads to avoidance behaviour and pronounced fear of expectation (fear of fear), professional treatment should be sought.

Drug and psychotherapeutic treatments are available. Often, a combination of both is used in therapy. Central elements of the treatment are the education about the disease and its treatment, the teaching of a practical philosophy of life, exposure to the dreaded situations, cognitive strategies, learning various relaxation techniques and the strengthening social competence and self-esteem.


Treatment & Therapies

Your anxiety treatment and therapy in our private clinic for anxiety disorders in Grisons are based on the jointly developed treatment plan and includes a selection from the following offers.

Integrated psychiatric psychotherapeutic treatment
Activity and sports
Art therapeutic methods
Traditional chinese medicine
Complementary therapies


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