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My concern: hotel spirit instead of clinic spirit

My concern: hotel spirit instead of clinic spirit


At the Private Clinic MENTALVA in Cazis patients are also guests

At our Private Clinic MENTALVA in Cazis every day is different – for our patients, as well as for the hotel and housekeeping team that is under my leadership. It is important to me to establish a hotel spirit here at the clinic so that patients, who are also our guests, feel comfortable. As head of «hotel and housekeeping», I accompany our guests from the first to the last minute of their stay with us. Since many patients are usually treated over a longer period of time and supported in coping with their mental illnesses, you get to know each other a little better over time. Since I am very empathetic and quickly feel what people want and what they don't, there are many good conversations.


Creating feel-good moments

In addition to many working people between the ages of 40 and 60 plus, we increasingly have also young adults with us. I see my task and my team’s task in providing our guests with as many feel-good moments as possible. This is part of the healing process. It is our goal that patients go home stronger. However, unlike at a holiday hotel, we do not want them to come back or even become regular guests. We want them to recover as soon as possible and cope well with their problems at home.


Link between patient and MENTALVA employees

I also see myself as a link between patients and chefs. Since I know about the importance of healthy nutrition, especially for stress-stricken, mentally struggling people. Of course, I work closely with my team of seven but also doctors and therapists because the patients are always at the centre of our attention. Their well-being is important to us. That is why we all pull in the same direction. Since I have not only management functions but also work as a «stand-in» whenever someone fails, I am close to the grassroots. This makes me even more alert to my tasks. You can see so much faster what's going well and what you could improve.


From gastronomy to the Private Clinic MENTALVA

For myself, working at the private clinic MENTALVA is a new experience. For many years, I was almost always in a leading position in gastronomy and partly in the hotel industry. On the one hand, these tasks are sometimes different from my current job. On the other hand, the role of a host at a restaurant or hotel is the same as at the MENTALVA. That's why I feel comfortable here. What everyone says is that I am the born hostess, that's true. It is my destiny and my calling. People are important to me. It is very important to me that they are doing well.


Discretion is important

At the «MENTALVA», I repeatedly meet former guests whom I have met at previous jobs, including the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, the Duc de Rohan or, most recently, at the restaurant B12 in Chur. Some are amazed to see me now at the clinic MENTALVA. But they are also often happy to meet a familiar face. Discretion is not only very important to us at the clinic. As a hotelière and gastronomy specialist, I know from years of experience how important it is to be discreet. So, nobody has to worry about his privacy.


Our patients are our guests

What always makes me happy is the good feedback from our patients. They really appreciate being perceived as a guest. I have only been in my new function as a «MENTALVA Hotelière» at the Private Clinic MENTALVA since October 2020. Still, since I am a very open and flexible person who enjoys her work, I have quickly settled into my new tasks. It is great that I can use my language skills and talk to our guests in English, French and Italian.


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