Sleeping problems - signs of depressive moods?
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Sleeping problems - signs of depressive moods?

Specialists at the MENTALVA Private Clinic can help

Almost everyone has had those: restless nights in bed, hardly any sleep, feeling absolutely exhausted in the morning. This can happen to anyone. But what if this insomnia becomes a permanent condition? If the energy levels are not restored for the coming day? When one gets sick?

Should one ask for psychiatric help in the event of insomnia? Of course not. Those who only sleep badly every now and then can usually do a lot to return to a regular sleeping rhythm after a while. However, if insomnia persists, the cause should be investigated. In addition to poor sleep hygiene, physical and psychosomatic disorders often lead to sleeping problems. Depression and anxiety disorders can be both, the cause or consequence of sleeping problems.


The bed is only for sleeping


How do you sleep better: don't watch exciting movies in bed, don’t read exciting books, avoid caffeinated drinks and do without late food since the brain will condition itself to these habits, which then inevitably leads to sleep disturbances. The bed should be mainly for sleeping. If possible, the day and night rhythm should be maintained. Too long lunchtime naps only cause you to stay awake for too long in the evening and then sleep poorly at night.

Various physical ailments, such as pain or apnea, also affect sleep. Sleep apnea is mainly a problem for men whose airways close for a short time during sleep. If this happens more often, the body will miss the deep sleep phase. This has consequences: During the day, sufferers are tired, exhausted, without energy, there are often heart/circulatory problems or even depressive moods. Some people have problems going to sleep, sleeping through the night, waking up early in the morning and then going over problems. There are often fears behind sleep disturbances, which may lead to muscle tension, but stress also usually has a very detrimental effect on sleep.

Anyone who claims to need only 3-4 hours of sleep is mistaken. Because in the long run, you lose your ability to function effectively. Poor sleep always affects the psyche and body. Lack of sleep often also leads to mental disorders such as depressive moods. In our daily practice, we see many of those cases. We were able to convince some stressed managers to reconsider their behaviour. Some, however, lack insight. They don't change their lives until burnout takes them to the clinic.


Get professional help


As a first step, people with sleeping problems should pay attention to their sleep hygiene and counteract stressful situations. If this doesn’t help, it is necessary to consult your family physician and ask for initial investigations. However, medication only helps in the short term.  If a next step is needed, specialists at the private clinic MENTALVA can offer help, especially if, in addition to the sleep disorders, depressive, listless phases occur.

The Privatklink MENTALVA is a specialist psychiatric clinic and offers individual psychiatric treatment with a focus on psychotherapy in an exclusive environment in the middle of the Swiss Alps, supplemented with complementary medical methods for people with mental and psychosomatic disorders. Patients benefit from competent treatment for burnout and exhaustion, depression, tinnitus, chronic pain, borderline, as well as anxiety and panic. The various treatment methods bring soul, mind and body back into balance. Get in touch with us - we are there for you.


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