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Traditional Chinese Medicine in the private clinic MENTALVA

Holistic, naturally gentle

TCM at the Clinic MENTALVA: holistic, naturally gentle

Awakening life energies, letting them flow, reconciling yin and yang, and thus maintaining health and preventing diseases: at the private clinic MENTALVA of the PDGR in Cazis, traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) complements Western medicine in an ideal way, especially in the field of psychiatry,  says TCM therapist Elisabeth Meinherz.

«From the Chinese medicine point of view of, body, mind and soul are a unit in a coherent way. We use Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat physical, mental and mental illnesses. The application depends on the type of disorder and the individual needs and concerns.


Health can be influenced


Some patients respond well to acupuncture, others respond better to Chinese drug therapy, healing massages, supportive dietary recommendations and/or Qi Gong. These five methods covered all health care needs in ancient times. Especially with Qi Gong (a kind of active meditation) and nutrition, everyone can influence his/her health effectively, even in everyday life.  We show our patients how they can use these methods also at home.

Together, we first evaluate how much activity and how much rest a person needs, what exactly is good for that person. At our private clinic MENTALVA, we often treat people with burnout and depression, people who have lost their inner peace, serenity and their balance, which is therefore disturbing their energy flow. We support each patient in finding an individual and suitable way for themselves.


What we do, what the patient feels

Of course, there is a conversation at the beginning of each treatment, even with TCM. Because of the discomfort, I evaluate the needs of a patient as a trained TCM therapist. In the anamnesis conversation, we go through the whole body, from head to toe. Complemented by tongue and pulse observations, we create a targeted TCM-diagnosis. This is how we find the best individual solution. As a rule, the reactions to TCM are very positive. Most of our patients feel a comfortable relaxation after the treatment; TCM releases the inner pressure.

In addition to the classic mental disorders, we also treat acute somatic complaints, such as hay fever, musculoskeletal disorders or headaches/migraines. Cupping and GuaSha (a scraping method) are very efficient practices to relieve muscle tension or chronic pain, but also to strengthen the immune system.


Moxibustion and healing massage


Moxibustion is a supporting measure with many TCM applications. The "Moxa cigar" consists of charred mugwort leaves. Its use will warm specific acupuncture points. Moxa strengthens Yang energy with warmth but also release painful energy blockages. We use the healing massage Tuina, especially in case of musculoskeletal system disorders.


Effective herbs


Chinese drug therapy, which works with many different medicinal plants, minerals and few animal products, is actually the principal method of TCM. Herbs are an excellent tonic for the immune system, helping with sleep problems and indigestion. As a rule, many different herbs are mixed for the individual treatment. We can use over 400 standard recipes (drops, powder, soup). However, as mentioned, diagnostics are always essential for the treatment approach.


Holistic therapy plan


After my five years of studying TCM and many years of practical application at the private clinic MENTALVA, I can say that TCM can undoubtedly be used extremely effectively in the field of psychiatry.  TCM can be easily integrated into the classic treatment. Together with the treatment team, I develop a holistic therapy plan.

Traditional Chinese medicine is effective because of its way of looking at each person and the cosmos, and because it sees the person as a whole, i. e. the unity of body and mind.


Balance brings joy to life


Here, health means a balance of the forces yin and yang and the free flow of the life energy Qi. If this harmonious interplay is confused or the Qi flow is blocked, complaints and disorders are the result. Chinese medicine tries to recognise this underlying imbalance from a variety of symptoms and to treat it on an individual point of view. For those who are in inner balance also enjoy life.

At the private clinic MENTALVA, we offer Chinese medicine as an integral part of our treatments since 2012 ».


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Personality Disorder | Anxiety & Panic | Schizophrenia


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