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A full body wrap for new vital energy

Alternative medical applications at the private clinic MENTALVA, Cazis

First, our nursing specialists wrap the whole body of our patients with cold, wet cloths. In the following 40 minutes, the body warms up very quickly, body, soul and mind begin to regenerate. After the towels have been taken off, one feels refreshed.

Because: A full body wrap counteracts inner restlessness and relaxes body and mind, among other things. It helps to be aware of inner blockages in the body by focusing more on oneself. And the psyche also finds kind of a feel-good mode.

The effectiveness of the full body wrap was be supported by studies. People suffering from burnout, depression, tension, reduced efficiency, numbness, tinnitus, anxieties and mental and psychosomatic illnesses in general, are usually struggling to let go of their thoughts and to feel their bodies.

The full body wrap, which releases tensions, allows sufferers to be aware of their body landscape (once more). Some tell us that they initially perceive their body as asymmetrical and at the end of therapy as symmetrical. This effect occurs together with the experienced state of well-being. The method can initiate such and other processes and support recovery.

Patients at the private clinic MENTALVA in Cazis may lose their initial scepticism about this alternative medical therapy already after the first application: because they feel that the wrap is beneficial. By the way, this method is also perfectly suitable for top-heavy people.

We recommend the full body wrap every week for five to six sessions. It is essential to draw the inner attention to one’s body. One learns this with regular training. The effectiveness of the full body wrap increases in combination with other medical and complementary medical therapies, such as phytotherapy or traditional Chinese medicine TCM.

How it works

A linen cloth and a terry cloth are soaked in ice water and wrung out. The upper body is first wrapped with the terry cloth. Then, the lying patient is wrapped in the wet and cold linen cloth. This is topped with a dry linen cloth, a dry wool blanket and then a duvet. After the initial little cold shock, pleasant warmth sets in. Wrapped like a mummy, the 40-minute relaxation phase begins. Mentalva patients never feel constricted despite the tight wrap. On the contrary, they feel truly protected.

With the intense cold and wet stimuli, the awareness is directed to the body. This way, one can sense inner "black blockages" and sharpen the awareness of the here and now state. Thus, the therapy supports deep relaxation in mentally stressed patients. Body, soul and mind experience tranquillity. This creates, as initially described, new vital energy.

Indications summarized:  A full body wrap is beneficial in times of stress, with burnout, depression, reduced efficiency, numbness, a heavy body and even with tinnitus, etc.


Tinnitus | Depression | Burnout & Exhaustion | Pain & Discomfort |

Personality Disorder | Anxiety & Panic | Schizophrenia


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