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Psychotherapeutic aftercare for MENTALVA patients

After hospitalization, patients benefit from outpatient aftercare

At the PDGR-owned private clinic MENTALVA in Cazis, many things are different from other institutions:  here, one relies not only on psychiatric expertise but also on complementary medical therapies. There is even outpatient psychotherapeutic nursing aftercare available for the time after the hospital stay. Three of our psychiatric nurses take time for patients who want and need further support after their inpatient stay.

Making your steps into everyday life easier

About five appointments can be booked for this personal aftercare. For patients who are sometimes looked after for several weeks at the private clinic MENTALVA, it is often not easy to find their way back into everyday life. Returning home from a safe, supervised environment is often challenging for those affected, their partners and their families. Psychotherapeutic nursing aftercare is a blessing for everyone. Our specialists can continue to work on important patient issues or discuss emerging issues. They make an essential contribution by ensuring that patients can manage their daily lives as easy as possible.

Since the outpatient aftercare is provided directly at the private clinic MENTALVA, specialists can also get involved if necessary. This is a significant aspect, as there is no need for additional methods and agreements.  We are an uncomplicated team that can also get involved at short notice.

A valuable aspect of care

The private clinic MENTALVA has been offering this additional service for the last two years. The offer has proven successful; patients benefit in every way. For those who return to work relatively soon after the inpatient stay, and for those who have a longer home break, psychotherapeutic aftercare is equally a valuable aspect of care.

This model also relieves the psychiatry itself, since nursing specialists can take on the follow-up care independently and thus guarantee further treatment over a certain period. As it is difficult to obtain private psychiatric support in certain regions, the offers of the private clinic MENTALVA is also extremely valuable in this respect.

Our nursing specialists, who are familiar with outpatient aftercare, know that our patients want to take many inputs from their therapy and try them out at home. During this initial phase, there are, of course, always questions, such as anxieties concerning relationships or colleagues. Sometimes, fears flare up whether one can re-enter the job or how to behave. With our aftercare, we can resolve these issues quickly and do a lot of support work. Of course, we always involve the partner at every stage of the actual hospital stay and during aftercare.


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